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Drug addiction can have serious health impacts if not well taken care of. People abuse many types of drugs but there are those that are commonly abused. These include cocaine, heroine and prescription pain killers. If you are struggling with addiction to one or more of these drugs, then you can visit us at Alpha Recovery Treatment Center for treatment that will help you live a healthy drug-free life.

Our drug addiction treatment aims to help drug addicts to seize compulsive drug seeking and the use of drugs.  We offer treatment in our Christian environment that also caters for people of other religions and ages. In the center, treatment is usually offered in an inpatient basis or outpatient care. Ongoing therapy is also offered after rehab to help recovering drug addicts live drug-free lives. Since addiction is a chronic disorder prone to occasional relapses, treatment is long-term and involves regular monitoring by our team of healthcare professionals who include psychotherapists, counselors, pastors and nurses.

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Drug addiction treatment includes medications and behavioral therapies or a combination of both. Various medications are used for various types of addictions. For instance, to treat opioid addiction, medications such as naltrexone, methadone and buprenorphine may be used. Nicotine preparations (lozenges, nasal spray, gum and patches) may be treated with bupropion and varenicline. Disulfiram and naltrexone are available medications for alcohol addiction associated with abuse of drugs. Addiction to opioid pain medications can be treated with buprenorphine which is also medication used to treat heroin addiction because it similarly affects brain systems just like prescription drugs addiction does.

Behavioral therapies can be used to treat addictive stimulants like cocaine and prescription stimulants because no medication has been found for them yet. Behavioral therapies help a patient with drug addiction understand his/her chronic condition, its health effects and effective treatment. This helps a patient to actively participate in treatment programs. Alpha Recovery drug treatment also helps patients who have fallen into a relapse by educating them on ways to prevent further relapse and cope with cravings.

Client Testimonials

First of all I would like to thank my higher power for this day. I owe my new found outlook on life to God, and to Alpha Recovery.
Jeff H
I promise if you give this place your all, you will be happier than you ever have and enjoy a new found look on life. I love you Alpha Treatment!
Jenn M

Recovery = Faith + Education

Build the right attitude, communication, and family relationships.

Patients can also benefit from education on building their attitude, communication and family relationships. We also offer group therapies which are not only cost-effective but can encourage support from other recovering drug patients like you. We have professional counselors who monitor the groups and guide patients from negative influence that may come from other group members. Group therapies however appear to be more effective than individual approach.

Each patient’s needs are different and that is why we will carry out an initial evaluation to come up with a treatment program that will suit your needs. Therapy may be used alone or combined with medication. To achieve sobriety even after the treatments, we offer continuing care because life after rehab needs emotional support from family and friends and lack of that may easily cause a relapse.

At Alpha Recovery Rehab Center, we offer comprehensive care that includes drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation after completing the treatment programs as well as treatment for other heath issues such as HIV and depression. We also cater for co-occurring conditions that a patient may be suffering from which includes mental disorders like anxiety, depression and schizophrenia.

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