Professional Treatment Approaches To Alcohol Addiction in Florida

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, there is still a chance to recover fully from your chronic condition. At Alpha Recovery Treatment Center, we can help you to achieve full recovery.

Since alcohol addiction is a chronic condition, stopping the use of these substances for a few days does not mean that you will be fully cured. You will actually need repeated care or long-term care to resume your normal life. Additional treatment will therefore help you to stop drinking, stay drug-free and also be more productive in your work, family life and society in general. 

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Alpha Recovery Treatment Approaches

We use different approaches to treat alcohol addicted patients and see them recover fully. Our treatment approaches include detoxification whereby we use medication that will help the body get rid of a drug. We carry out an evaluation and use various medications for alcohol addiction. We are dedicated in giving our patients behavioral counseling, treatment for other mental issues that a patient may suffer from like anxiety and depression. In addition to that, we carry out a long-term follow-up with the patient to prevent relapse.

Behavioral Therapies and Counseling

Alcohol addiction may cause some changes in the brain. These changes in the brain may affect the behavior of the patient and may lead to harmful consequences. Behavioral therapies may however help patients improve on their attitudes and behaviors. The therapy comes with many other benefits such as creation of interest in learning healthy life skills and persistence in going on with other treatment approaches like medication.

At Alpha Recovery rehab, we offer treatment to patients in different settings using various approaches. For people under the criminal justice system, additional treatment approaches to treat drug addiction may be recommended because many offenders may not have access to the kind of treatment that suits their condition.

Medication for Treatment of Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism is a disease that is treated with medication among other treatment options. Since excessive drug and alcohol use have long-term effects on an individual, withdrawing the use of these substances comes with withdrawal symptoms. A relapse may also occur if you don’t get right treatment. A relapse is the resumption of drug or alcohol use after an attempt to quit the use.

We use proper medication to help our patients manage withdrawal symptoms, prevent relapse and also treat any co-concurring conditions.

Relapse Prevention Through Long-Term Follow-Up

Lack of treatment or poor treatment in dealing with drug addiction may lead to relapse and even worsen your condition. We use proper medication to prevent drug reuse because drug or alcohol addictions are relapsing diseases.

Alcohol addiction can be treated though its not easy. If you want to make a positive turn around in your life after long-term overuse of alcohol and drug addiction, contact Alpha Addiction Treatment Centre. Our treatment plan will help you stop using alcohol or drugs, stay drug and alcohol-free and live a productive life that will help you, your family, and society.