Christian Addiction Treatment Strategies

Your loved ones are not at peace when you are hooked up in drugs or deep entrenched in alcohol abuse. You might also find yourself facing isolation in society because of the behavior you portray from the effect of substance use and alcohol overuse. We at Alpha Recovery Treatment Center understand that drug alcohol addiction is a disease and are dedicated in giving holistic care in a Christian environment. Our treatment program caters for men and women of all ages irrespective of their religion. If you are really struggling with addiction, admit that you have a problem and contact us for assistance. We will not only treat your addiction but also follow up your progress in our supportive environment.

Alpha Recovery Rehab Professional Team

Living in denial about your addiction problem only drags your life back. Visit Alpha Recovery Rehab to start your journey to recovery with people who understand your misfortunes and are willing to help you get well soon. We use all necessary tools in our rehab facility and have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals to help in the management and treatment of any drug or alcohol addiction case.

Our professional team in dealing with drug and alcohol addiction includes counselors, behavioral therapists, psychiatrists and nurses who give 24/7 care whether you are on our residential inpatient care or partial hospitalization.

Our drug/alcohol addiction treatment strategies

We use different approaches in treating drug and alcohol addiction because each individual’s needs are different.

Counseling and therapy are generally used in dealing with drug addiction. We also use this approach in combination with medication. Areas that we particularly include in the treatment plans include contingency management, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy and community reinforcement approach. We combine these strategies to help you develop a positive attitude in life and give you the power to overcome peer pressure that may have led to your addiction.

Both drug and alcohol addiction can be treated with medication. Detoxification is part of our treatment plan. Though not a medication in itself, detoxification helps clear your system off the addictive substances or alcohol to give you sobriety in attending counseling sessions and help other medications to work. We also give medications to suppress withdrawal systems that may occur during the detoxification process. Medications are also used to prevent relapse. The kind of medication we use is determined by the kind of substance that you have been abusing.

Full recovery from drug and alcohol addiction requires support from close family and friends. We highly recommend this to relatives and friends of people who have been affected by addiction. If you are however facing challenges in making up with your family, life partner or friends due to your past addictive life, we can help you reconnect and rebuilt your broken relationships. Alpha Recovery Treatment Rehab not only aims at treating your addiction but diligently works to help you live a healthy life and be a productive member of the society. Commitment is all we need from you to beat your addiction once and for all.

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