Customized Christian Addiction Programs

Seeking help to start living a drug-free or alcohol-free lifestyle is the best choice anyone struggling with addiction can make. Functioning as an individual or a family makes it easier to achieve the most fulfilling dreams in life. You can overcome drugs or alcohol addiction if you decide to seek treatment at our rehab facility.

Customized Evidence-Based Care

Alpha Recovery Treatment Center offers a variety of behavioral treatment therapies, medical and mental health treatment options, all customized to meet the needs of individual patients. Our highly trained staff includes therapists, counselors, pastors, psychiatrists, physicians and nurses that provide 24-hour care to our patients. Immediately we receive and admit you to our rehab facility for treatment, we assess and determine the best treatment options you can start receiving to address the most important needs. Depending on the severity of your drug or alcohol addiction disease, we may have you treated on either an outpatient or inpatient basis.

Our drug and addiction treatment programs begin with detoxification and intensive counseling behavioral therapies. Medications are provided to make any withdrawal symptoms you might suffer more tolerable. More medications are provided to treat any mental health issues if detected, and also to stop any craving you might have for drugs and to prevent relapse. We maintain you within our monitoring and recovery support systems and everything we do is based on either existing or new scientific research evidence.

Alpha Recovery Holistic Treatment Protocols

We strongly believe that the most effective drug and alcohol treatment programs should focus on not only treating the addiction a patient is suffering, but also should go beyond recovery to improve the quality of life after treatment. Our Christian environment provides excellent support systems that help patients recover to achieve long-term sobriety and to end up being productive in their families and societies. Our highly trained and experienced staff works as a team and offer one-on-one experiences that best focus on the needs of our patients.

Our residential drug and alcohol treatment programs are planned to make sure they are highly effective for patients suffering severe addiction. Our licensed residential rehab facility adequately provides the 24-hour intensive care such patients need to achieve recovery. Severe addiction often means that patients also suffer mental health disorders that may have led to substance dependence or alcoholism in the first place. Addiction itself as a chronic disease makes their conditions even worse because it harmfully changes their brain and behavior. Physical health deteriorates too because such addicts are not properly functioning to take good care of themselves in terms of diet and hygiene standards. So we develop very comprehensive addiction treatment programs for our residential care.

Residential Treatment Available

Our settings for residential treatment include various therapeutic approaches with all the necessary follow up options. Therapeutic communities bring recovering patients to live together in a residence where our own staff is also part of the community. That provides the right environment for change of attitudes to promote drug and alcohol abstinence while learning the necessary skills needed to live independently afterwards. We also offer recovery housing, short-term residential treatment and other therapeutic approaches as needed.

Call us today to join our rehab and start the journey to your recovery, drug-free and alcohol-free lifestyle. We strive to improve physical, mental health as well as quality of life after treatment.

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