Southern Florida Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab

Trying to overcome drug or alcohol addiction is an effort that deserves help to realize fruition. To make sure once you quit drugs or alcohol you won’t go back to use them again in just a few days, an effective treatment program with all the necessary support systems is necessary. Addiction as a chronic disease is very complex but it’s important to know it’s treatable.

At Alpha Recovery Treatment Center we have qualified professionals that have the knowledge and experience to help anyone struggling with drugs or alcohol addiction recover his or her life. Our rehab has a reputation of helping many people turn around their lives. We treat drug and alcohol addiction and go beyond that to make sure individuals become productive in their families, at work and in the society as well.

A Faith Based Approach

Call today to speak with one of our polite and courteous represenatives ready to help you start your recovery.

Intensive Counseling and Behavioral Therapies

When you are admitted at our rehab facility, your body detoxification process begins as we offer counseling and behavioral treatment therapies intensively. Making sure you start changing your attitude towards drug use or alcoholism at this point is our main priority. We have a qualified counselor and even a pastor because our rehab is in a Christian environment, so you get all the help you need including spiritual interventions. You don’t have to be a Christian to benefit from our holistic approach in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Treatment programs at our rehab are also tailored to the needs of individual patients and our clean Christian environment only makes it easier for you to get used to a drug free or alcohol free lifestyle. Counseling sessions are provided to individuals or groups at different stages to take advantage of one-on-one experiences with counselors and behavioral therapy treatment experts. 

Proper Medical Supervision All The Way

We have all the medical professionals needed to medically supervise our patients at different stages of their treatment. During the period of detoxification when you suffer from any withdrawal symptoms, you are given medications which make your body tolerate the symptoms. These medications enhance the effectiveness of counseling and behavioral therapies to prevent any risk of relapsing. There are also medications that prevent craving for drugs or alcohol. Has you continue getting help from our physician and therapists, a psychiatrist will also at the right time evaluate any mental disorders you might be having and provide approved medications for their treatment. While un-diagnosed mental health issues are some of the factors that cause drug or alcohol addiction, most of times addiction itself causes the mental disorders. All these have to be treated to give the patient the best chance to fully recover and achieve long-term sobriety goals. 

Your best chance to recover from drugs or alcohol addiction and achieve quality life is only at a rehab facility that Alpha Recovery Treatment Center provides. Struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction makes it impossible for a human being to function normally. Set yourself or your loved one free from the life of using drugs or alcoholism. We have all the tools, professionals and the support systems required for effective treatment of addiction, so call us today for help to begin a new life free from drugs and alcohol.