Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Christians

In the past fifty years, the treatment for various forms of health issues have come a long way. This includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems that people have, and the solutions that can make their lives better. Rather than addressing each one as an individual entity, modern medicine seeks to treat the entire person. Among the treatments that are in use today are Christian dual diagnosis plans.

However, many people have still not heard of these types of programs that have been used with great success for Christians who grapple with mental health problems and addiction issues. The term dual diagnosis is used to refer to both of these issues. For instance, someone who is suffering from anxiety issues and has a substance abuse problem that accompanies it.

Researchers have discovered that in many instances folks who are suffering from mental health troubles seek relief from their symptoms with various types of self-medication, including the use of alcohol or drugs. By treating both aspects of the issue, clinicians have been able to achieve far greater success than when they are addressed individually.

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For many Christians, the realization of a mental illness or drug addiction can be embarrassing and create problems with their families and church family. Often people say that their faith alone should be sufficient to overcome any problem. While faith can certainly play an important role in the treatment of these problems, it is often insufficient for a person to experience full recovery.

Mental illnesses take on many different forms. However, they should not be seen as character weaknesses or deficiencies. All of them involve wiring in the brain that is not functioning correctly. With the proper medication and therapy, these routes can be corrected, allowing the patient to experience the wide range of normal emotions available to people.

Likewise, addiction is not a sign of a weak mind. In addition to the physical aspects of addiction, once a person has fallen into the cycle, habit takes over. Oftentimes recovering addicts will fall off of the wagon, not even realizing it until they have already begun to drink or use a different addictive substance.

Fortunately, Christian dual diagnosis treatment can be used to successfully treat both types of illness while in a faith-based community. By including this spiritual treatment along with the other forms of treatment commonly used with dual diagnosis cases, people are able to experience a great deal of relief from their current pains.

One aspect of treatment that must be addressed prior to leaving the institution is a relapse prevention plan. This is a set of tools that you will use once out of the facility. For dual diagnosis patients, this includes following up with an addiction specialist as well as a therapist who is helping them work through the mental illness. Christians add regular attendance at church or other forms of communion with their spiritual nature to help stay on track.

Christian dual diagnosis treatment is an excellent choice for those of faith suffering from addiction and mental health concerns. Contact a center today if you or a loved one needs help.