Faith Based Treatment Steps

Making the decision to start rehab after struggling with drug or alcohol addiction requires a great deal of determination. No matter your circumstances, it a decision you must take to change your life and set it on the right path. Alpha Recovery Treatment Center can help you to embark on a journey to recovery, long-term sobriety, healthy lifestyle and quality life in general. Our rehab boasts of an excellent team of experts and all the recovery support systems needed to make you a productive member of your family and society.

Alpha Recovery Treatment Steps

When we admit patients to our treatment program, we make sure they get the best one-on-one experience with all our team members that include counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, physicians, pastors or any other professionals providing their outpatient or inpatient care. We carefully assess the case of each individual patient so that the treatment they get is customized to their specific needs. Every type of treatment we offer is backed by either new or existing scientific research evidence. At every step, we have follow up options to monitor patient’s progress of improvement in terms of behavior, physical or mental health and so on.

At Alpha Recovery rehab, treatment steps are broadly categorized into the following areas:

  • Counseling and behavioral therapies
  • Medical and mental health treatment
  • Aftercare and long-term follow ups

Counseling and behavioral therapies

Among the initial steps we take to treat your addiction is detoxification to get rid of that drug or alcohol you have been abusing out of your body. Of course that goes hand in hand with medications required to treat withdrawal symptoms. These initial steps will help you get the level of sobriety necessary to make you open up to our addiction recovery therapies. When you start receiving counseling and behavioral treatment therapies as an individual patient or with a group of other patients, you in turn begin to significantly change your attitude and behavior as far as substance dependence or alcohol use is concerned. We keep monitoring the change and maintain the necessary recovery support systems as well as providing medical attention as necessary.

Medical and mental health treatment

In addition to the medications you get to treat your withdrawal symptoms, you also get other medications to minimize craving for drugs, relapse prevention and also to treat co-occurring mental disorders that may have contributed to your addiction. Depression and anxiety are some of the most common mental health issues we treat at this stage after the necessary evaluation by our psychiatrist and other relevant experts. It is important to be aware that addiction as a chronic disease certainly changes the brain with serious consequences, including behavior that often makes an addict harm themselves or their loved ones. All these must be treated to help the patient achieve a higher level of recovery that boosts the chances of achieving long-term sobriety.

Aftercare and long-term follow ups

When you are finally through with your inpatient or residential treatment program, aftercare is still another critical step needed to avoid the risk of relapse. We make sure that you benefit from our long-term follow ups and any support systems necessary for your full recovery. You may require therapeutic communities and recovery housing before you finally start living independently.

Most of the patients from our rehab with a Christian faith supportive environment end up achieving their full recovery and sobriety for the long-term. We make sure they get help to mend relationships and become productive in family and society as they work on their life dreams. Call us today to start rehab and get on the path to your recovery, long-term sobriety and quality life.

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