Recovery Programs

Alcohol Treatment

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, there is still a chance to recover fully from your chronic condition. At Alpha Recovery Treatment Center, we can help you to achieve full recovery. [Read More…]

Drug Addiction Recovery

Trying to overcome drug addiction is an effort that deserves help to realize fruition. To make sure once you quit drugs you won’t go back to use them again in just a few days, an effective treatment program with all the necessary support systems is necessary. Addiction as a chronic disease is very complex but it’s important to know it’s treatable. [Read More…]

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

In the past fifty years, the treatment for various forms of health issues have come a long way. This includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems that people have, and the solutions that can make their lives better. Rather than addressing each one as an individual entity, modern medicine seeks to treat the entire person. Among the treatments that are in use today are Christian dual diagnosis plans. [Read More…]

Relapse Prevention

While people once saw drug addiction as something that happened to other families, envisioning someone sitting in an alley with a needle hanging out of their arm, that is no longer the case. Today society recognizes that drug addiction can occur in families of all socio-economic statuses. This includes the Christian community. [Read More…]