Christian Relapse Prevention in Florida

While we once saw drug addiction as something that happened to other families, envisioning someone sitting in an alley with a needle hanging out of their arm, that is no longer the case. Today society recognizes that drug addiction can occur in families of all socio-economic statuses. This includes the Christian community.

Quite often, users end up addicted to drugs after using them for a legitimate reason. For instance, after a surgical procedure, serious accident or other painful occurrence that requires time to heal, doctors prescribe pills and medications that will help to alleviate those symptoms. However, many patients find it difficult to stop taking them, often resorting to questionable or even illegal avenues to obtain the drugs.

For many Christians this can cause a great deal of embarrassment. They believe that their faith should be sufficient to overcome the problems they are experiencing. However, there are some fantastic Christian rehab programs that can help people to overcome the shame of drug addiction, no matter how it began.

There are also people who seek out Christian drug treatment who have not been to church in ages, if ever. These men and women have realized that they have a need for something more in their lives and believe that the Christian faith is a path toward happiness.

Christian Plans Can Help

No matter how you have found yourself in the situation, it is important that you develop a Christian drug relapse prevention plan in order to prepare for the future. By combining proven methods to prevent relapse and your faith in Christianity, you will be able to build up a powerful resource set to draw upon when necessary.

The type of relapse prevention plan you will need depends in part on your course of recovery from your addiction. For instance, those who took advantage of twelve step program rehabilitation centers will have a different plan than those who used a more modern approach to treatment.

One of the things that it very important is that you have a qualified addiction specialist that you will be able to speak to regularly. While your pastor or other member of the church might be able to help guide you in growing your faith, you must have someone on your side who understands the intricacies of how addiction works in every aspect of your being. For instance, your pastor probably doesn’t have the latest information on how to advise addicts who are facing further medical procedures that will require the use of pain killers.

An established support base is important, and your addiction specialist is only one aspect of that team. You should find out who else you can add to your support group to ensure that you have someone available to help guide you. For instance, another church member who has been on a strong relapse prevention program for years.

You deserve to live a life free from addictive substances. Use these suggestions to help build your own relapse prevention protocols. This will enable you to live a fuller, happier life.